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about us


They say we are what we eat. So may we all be free to eat healthy, and have a sandwich once in awhile, too. The fact of the matter is that we all need to eat, but choosing what to eat isn’t always that simple these days.

The Salad House is all about embracing individuality by eating what you want, when you want it.


With our create your own options and our signature menu, we are your destination whether you are on lunch break, fueling up for a workout, or celebrating a win after the big game.


The Salad House, MAY WE ALL EAT!


The Salad House has been generations in the making. Growing up in the Cioffi family deli in Springfield, NJ, our founder, Joey Cioffi, did everything from washing dishes to fulfilling large catering orders.

At the completion of his football playing career at Monmouth University, Joey took to New York City to work in finance, however he quickly realized that he missed serving good food to good people in the community. Following the 9/11 attacks in NYC, where he was expected in later that awful day for a job interview, Joey made the final decision to follow his lifelong passion.


During his time back at the deli, Joey married his lovely wife Marni, and they became the proud parents of three kids: Addison, Kendall, and Stone.


Joey and Marni experienced first hand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while feeding your young kids’ appetites. Having strong family values, it was important to Joey and Marni that the family shared their meals together, and the newby parents were often limited in their choices, forcing them to compromise.


Having the same passion for quality service as his father, Joey decided to do something about this healthy eating dilemma.


Joey ultimately created The Salad House concept with one single purpose: to provide a fresh fast casual experience that was both healthy and family friendly.


Joey launched the first Salad House in Millburn, NJ in 2011, followed by Morristown in 2013, fulfilling his own American Dream just as his father did generations ago when immigrated from Italy with just $20 in his pocket.


Fast forward a few short years, and the story begins to takeoff.


In the summer of 2016 Jerry Eicke, a local resident, was enjoying a fun day at the beach with his family, when he gracefully ; ) fell of a wakeboard and suffered a rare shoulder injury.


Being the health nut that he is, Jerry began to frequent Cioffi’s Millburn location while attending his shoulder rehab sessions as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while he was on the road to recovery. Jerry fell in love with our signature make your own salad offering, but also marveled at how fit the restaurant was to serve quality food for all people. Being from the area, Jerry knew the Cioffi name, and the tradition and respect the family received for creating exceptional food and dining experiences.


Jerry, a successful entrepreneur and operator in his own right, met with Joe and they quickly realized that, just like our salads, they make the perfect combination.


Joey and Jerry came to a franchising agreement, and along with Jerry’s brother, Chaz, opened the third location in Downtown Westfield in 2017.



And as they say, the rest is history.